What to Consider Before Varicocele Surgery?

Things to consider before varicocele surgery are very important for the patient. In some cases, varicocele can cause infertility in men. It is possible to prevent this with advanced medicine. For this, varicocele surgery is performed and there are some things to consider. Varicocele surgery aims to reduce symptoms and treat infertility. The person should tell the doctor about medications and previous illnesses before the treatment. Other things to consider before varicocele surgery are:

·        Bleeding, infection, and damage to the arteries or nerves in the scrotum are possible risks.

·        The recovery time for this surgery can usually be several weeks. For this reason, the patient may have to take time off work for a few weeks.

·        Varicocele surgery is usually a successful operation. However, it is important to consider the possibility that symptoms may return. This also includes control before varicocele surgery. It is also worth asking about other alternative treatments to surgery. Scrotal support or medication is also an alternative, depending on the individual situation.

How to Prepare for Varicocele Surgery?

Preparation for varicocele surgery is also an important process. The specialist urologist or interventional radiologist will provide comprehensive information before the surgery. In this process, the person who will undergo surgery will be informed about issues such as eating and drinking, wearing, and surgical methods. When entering the surgery, the person wears a surgical gown. The person should not wear any jewelry for comfort. The person should not wear jewelry, accessories, or similar things while entering the surgery.

One of the things to consider on the day of surgery is eating and drinking. Eating and drinking will probably be stopped before the surgery according to the opinion of the healthcare professional. Some medications may also need to be stopped on the day of surgery. Before the operation, the person should especially bring identification and hospital documents with them. After the operation, the person will be unable to move. For this, a companion must come with him/her.

How Should Medication Use Be Before Varicocele Surgery?

One of the things to be considered before varicocele surgery is medication. The use of medication before varicocele surgery depends on several factors. The type of medication used is the most decisive factor. It is necessary to inform the surgeon about all medications and supplements used. Some medications may not need to be used before surgery.

These include blood thinners and anti-inflammatories. Blood thinners and anti-inflammatories may cause some risks during surgery.  The doctor may prescribe certain medications to control pain after the operation.  It is important to follow the surgeon's instructions about the use of medication before and after surgery. 

Smoking and Alcohol Use Before Varicocele Surgery

Things to consider before varicocele surgery include smoking and drinking alcohol. As with any surgery, it is important to avoid smoking and alcohol in varicocele surgery. Otherwise, it may prolong the healing process or adversely affect the surgery. Smoking increases the risk of infection as it affects blood flow. For this reason, it would be very good for the person who will have surgery to quit smoking 2 mistakes before the surgery.

Drinking alcohol, just like smoking, increases the risk of infection during surgery. It may even prolong the healing process by preventing the absorption of some medications. Therefore, it is important to quit smoking and alcohol before surgery for health reasons.

What Questions Should I Ask the Doctor Before Surgery?

One of the things to consider before varicocele surgery gis to ask the doctor questions. If your surgery is finalized or you are eligible for surgery, you can ask some questions. The doctor will give the most accurate answers about varicocele surgery. Here are some questions you can ask the doctor before varicocele surgery:

·        Why should I have varicocele surgery?

·        What are the risks of varicocele surgery, is it life-threatening?

·        Does varicocele surgery cure it completely?

·        Can you give information about the success rate of the surgery?

·        How many days or weeks does the healing process take?

·        Are there alternative treatment methods to surgery?

In general, you can clear your mind by asking these questions to the doctor, who will share with you comprehensive information and warnings about this surgery. For successful varicocele surgery, you must follow the doctor's instructions.

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