What are the Advantages of Egg Freezing?

The advantages of egg freezing, also called oocyte cryopreservation, can be listed as;

       Helps prevent fertility problems.

       Reduces the effects of age-related fertility decline by freezing eggs at younger, more fertile ages.

       Helpful for people undergoing treatments that may affect fertility.


       Allows for screening before treatment and provides control over your

       Allows you to be in control of the time when you want to have children.

       Improves the chances of having a baby if IVF is used.

       Reduces the stress of age-related restrictions on fertility.

       Helps to feel reassured about future fertility

Personal situations and chances of success may vary, so it is advisable to seek advice from a fertility specialist for personalized guidance.

Can Egg Freezing Increase the Chances of Pregnancy?

Egg freezing process can increase  the chances of pregnancy by storing younger, higher-quality eggs that can reduce the effects of age-related fertility decline, address medical issues, and allow for genetic screening. These frozen eggs can support assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF that improve the probability of pregnancy. However, you will need to consult a fertility specialist for personalized advice, as the outcome will be influenced by the quality of your eggs and your health.

Does Egg Freezing Make Sense for Women Planning a Career?

Egg freezing may be a reasonable option for women with career plans. Especially if they intend to delay childbearing because of their career aspirations. Here are important things to consider:

-         Fertility Preservation: By freezing eggs at a younger age and while they are of a higher quality, women can preserve their fertility. This can be an advantage if they want to have their own children later in life while pursuing their career goals.

-         Postponing Parenthood: For women who focus on their careers in their youth, egg freezing allows them to postpone parenthood while avoiding the anxiety of age-related fertility decline.

-        Empowerment: Egg freezing empowers women to take control of their reproductive choices, giving them peace of mind and reducing the pressure of juggling between career and family planning.


-         Best Timing: By keeping their ability to have children in the future, women can select the right moment to start a family that fits in with their personal and career goals.

-         Genetic and medical reasons: For some women, the choice of egg freezing may be made for medical or genetic reasons, in addition to career planning.

Nevertheless, it's important to remember that egg freezing is not a guarantee of future pregnancy. Success is influenced by many factors, such as the woman's age and health when freezing her eggs and the egg quality. Moreover, the cost of freezing and storing eggs should be considered before making the decision.

Women who plan to freeze eggs for career purposes should consult a fertility specialist to discuss their individual circumstances, assess the suitability of the procedure, and make an informed decision about their reproductive options.

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