Does Varicocele Disease Require Surgery?

Varicocele disease does not always require surgery. In cases of discomfort, pain, and fertility problems, the doctor may recommend surgery. Surgery may be a good solution not only for these symptoms but also for some special symptoms. These symptoms include a difference in testicle size. It may also be necessary for infertility as it is a disease that affects fertility.

The surgery for varicocele will vary according to the severity of the disease. There are two different surgical methods for varicocele disease: open surgery and minimally invasive. Open surgery requires a large incision as it involves removing and ligating the varicocele. Minimally invasive involves making a small incision to reach the affected vein. The specialist surgeon will decide whether surgery is necessary based on the level of your varicocele.

In Which Situations Does Varicocele Require Surgery?

Varicocele surgery is not the only treatment solution as it is not always necessary. Sometimes the varicocele can be controlled with medication and some instructions from the doctor. However, there are some cases where these treatment methods do not work. Surgery for varicocele is usually needed in the following cases:

·       Severe Pain and Discomfort

If varicocele disease progresses, it can cause persistent and severe pain. This causes discomfort and requires effective treatment. Surgery can be one of the effective treatment methods to reduce the symptom of severe pain.

·       Visible Changes in Testicle Size

In advanced cases of varicocele, there may be a size difference between the testicles. This is a symptom that makes a person feel uncomfortable. In some cases, the testicles can become very large, while in others they can become very small. For this reason, surgery can be effective.

·       Varicocele During Puberty

Varicocele can occur at any age. It may be effective to perform surgery during puberty to prevent symptoms that may occur in the future.

·       Infertility

One of the most important reasons for surgery is infertility. Because varicocele can cause infertility by reducing sperm quality. Therefore, surgery can be an effective solution to prevent infertility and increase fertility.

Does 2 mm Varicocele Require Surgery?

The approach to surgery for varicocele disease varies according to some conditions. A 2 mm varicocele is not serious. Therefore, it does not require surgery if it does not cause pain and infertility. The conditions that require surgery for this disease include causing infertility and pain. The other symptoms are usually considered mild and can improve with other treatment methods. There are different surgical options such as laparoscopic varicocelectomy and microsurgical varicocelectomy. The choice of these depends on the surgeon's decision.

What Happens If Varicocele Surgery Is Delayed?

Delaying varicocele surgery can lead to many situations. Symptoms can worsen and serious complications can occur. Infertility problems can occur when surgery is delayed. Progressive varicocele reduces sperm count and motility. If the necessary surgery is not performed, the chances of restoring normal sperm function may be reduced. Other conditions that can occur include pain and discomfort. During physical activity, varicocele can cause symptoms such as pain and discomfort. By delaying surgery, the pain symptom may worsen.

This affects both the person's health and quality of life. Failure to have the necessary surgery can cause irreversible damage to the testicle. If varicocele disease progresses, it can lead to testicular shrinkage. Varicocele causes infertility, testicular shrinkage, and emotional problems due to pain and discomfort. Therefore, delaying the surgery can bring all these problems. If symptoms have progressed and there are infertility problems, the best treatment for varicocele is surgery. Therefore, if the varicocele is suspected, you should consult a doctor and have surgery if necessary.

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