After Varicocele Surgery

After varicocele surgery, the healing process comes into play. This healing process depends especially on the technique of the surgical procedure. After the healing process, it is possible to observe many changes. Because varicocele surgery improves the sexual health status of the person. The surgical treatment aims to cure varicocele. Accordingly, it is possible to observe several benefits. Varicocele is a disease that increases testicular pain. After surgery, testicular pain is reduced. In addition, the fertility rate increases. This surgery gives success results between 90 and 99%. Therefore, varicocele surgery shows positive effects in many people.

What Should Be Considered After Varicocele Surgery?

Varicocele surgery is an important treatment affecting the sexual organ. There are several things to be aware of after this surgery. The things to be considered after varicocele surgery are usually as follows:

  • It is important not to move for one day after the operation.
  • There may be pain during the healing process, painkillers prescribed by the doctor should be used.
  • You should be very careful not to lift weights after the operation.
  • Swelling is one of the high risks. For this, an ice pack may need to be applied with a towel or cloth.
  • Approximately six hours after the operation, the patient can eat according to the doctor's instructions.
  • The first weeks are very important after varicocele surgery. Therefore, the patient may limit his/her physical movements to a certain extent during this period.
  • If the person has an active sports life, they can start two or three weeks after the surgery.
  • The patient may limit actions such as running, jumping, cycling, and swimming during the healing process.
  • It is important to protect the surgical site from moisture and wetness until it heals. Showering during this period is better done by the doctor's instructions.
  • As with any surgical recovery process, it is important to pay attention to nutrition during this surgical process. It may be good to consume fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent stomach and intestinal disorders. In addition, if the surgery was performed under general anesthesia, care should be taken to consume plenty of fluids.
  • Alcohol and smoking are bad habits that will delay recovery. Therefore, these habits should be abandoned.

Can Sexual Intercourse Be Performed After Varicocele Surgery?

Sexual life after varicocele surgery is one of the other factors to be considered. It is not possible to have sexual intercourse immediately after surgery. You will need to wait at least 3 weeks for this. During this time, the wounds will heal and the pain will go away. If the symptoms of the surgery and varicocele have decreased, it is possible to have sexual intercourse.

As the pain subsides and the wounds heal, there is also an improvement in sperm quality. However, the improvement in sperm quality can take about 3 months. The doctor will inform you when your sexual life will become active. In short, sexual intercourse cannot be experienced immediately after the operation and before recovery. 

Can Sports Continue After Surgery?

Sports after varicocele surgery is one of the other curious topics. For about 3 weeks after the surgery, the person will need to restrict his/her sports life. In particular, movements such as running, cycling, weight lifting, and jumping are limited. The person cannot do sports temporarily. During this time, it is important that the pain subsides and the wounds heal.

The patient should not sit continuously during the healing process. Light brisk walks may be appropriate a few days after varicocele surgery. In addition, the patient can do special exercises. The physical exercise program will be tailored to the patient by the relevant healthcare professional. These exercises are usually light and include a program that accelerates the healing process.

When Will Sperm Values Recover After Varicocele Surgery?

Sperm quality after varicocele surgery is also a very important issue. It is possible to expect an improvement in sperm quality. However, an increase in sperm count and quality is observed 3 months after surgery. Since it affects fertility, infertility problems of many people are eliminated. Increased sperm count and varicocele surgery are related.

Because varicocele can affect sperm quality and cause sperm reduction. In some cases, the doctor may perform the treatment procedures needed to manage the couple's infertility. However, sperm quality generally improves after varicocele surgery. This is one of the important results of surgery that prevents male infertility.

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